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 2018 End of Season Data Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateDescription
Final FSSL League Records (SCY) RecordREC7/28/2018.REC file for importing into TM
John Grillo's 2018 FSSL Data WebsiteExteral link7/28/2018 
Jphn Grillo's 2018 "Mock Meet" AnalysisExternal Link7/28/2018For planning divisions for the 2019 season
2018 FSSL League Team Manager DatabaseTM Backup7/28/2018Team Manager 6 Backup of League Data
2018 Top Times ReportPDF7/28/20192018 Top Times converted to SCM (Used for calculating All Star Qualifying Times)
Final FSSL League Records (SCM) Record.REC7/28/2018.REC file for importing into TM

 2018 FSSL All Stars Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateDescription
2018 All Star Meet ProgramPDF7/28/2018Program printed for sale
2018 All Star Meet ResultsPDF7/28/2018 
2018 All Star Meet ResultsZIP7/28/2018For importing into Team Unify
28th Annual FSSL All Stars @ BrunswickEvents7/9/2018Updated to include Crescendo Relay Events
Completed Meet Manager DatabaseMM Backup7/28/2018 

 Divisionals Starter Files Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified Date
Division 1 @ Holly HillsEvents6/2/2018
Division 1 @ Holly HillsMM Starter7/14/2018
Division 2 @ Villages of UrbanaEvents6/2/2018
Division 2 @ Villages of UrbanaMM Starter7/14/2018
Division 3 @ Robin MeadowsEvents6/2/2018
Division 3 @ Robin MeadowsMM Starter7/14/2018
Division 4 @ DearboughtEvents6/2/2018
Division 4 @ DearboughtMM Starter7/14/2018

 Week 4 Starter Files Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified Date
Brunswick @ WhittierEvents6/2/2018
Brunswick @ WhittierMM Starter7/8/2018
Dearbought @ Hood CollegeEvents6/5/2018
Dearbought @ Hood CollegeMM Starter7/8/2018
Holly Hills @ Frederick YMCAEvents6/2/2018
Holly Hills @ Frederick YMCAMM Starter7/8/2018
Lake Linganore @ Windsor KnollsEvents6/2/2018
Lake Linganore @ Windsor KnollsMM Starter7/8/2018
Robin Meadows @ Braddock HeightsEvents6/2/2018
Robin Meadows @ Braddock HeightsMM Starter7/8/2018
Spring Ridge @ Clover HillEvents6/2/2018
Spring Ridge @ Clover HillMM Starter7/8/2018
Villages of Urbana @ Ridge (Mt Airy)Events6/5/2018
Villages of Urbana @ Ridge (Mt Airy)MM Starter7/8/2018

 Week 3 Starter Files Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified Date
Braddock Heights @ Lake LinganoreEvents6/2/2018
Braddock Heights @ Lake LinganoreMM Starter6/24/2018
Dearbought @ WhittierEvents6/5/2018
Dearbought @ WhittierMM Starter6/24/2018
Frederick YMCA @ Clover HillEvents6/2/2018
Frederick YMCA @ Clover HillMM Starter6/24/2018
Holly Hills @ Spring RidgeEvents6/2/2018
Holly Hills @ Spring RidgeMM Starter6/24/2018
Ridge (Mt Airy) @ BrunswickEvents6/2/2018
Ridge (Mt Airy) @ BrunswickMM Starter6/24/2018
Villages of Urbana @ Hood CollegeEvents6/2/2018
Villages of Urbana @ Hood CollegeMM Starter6/24/2018
Windsor Knolls @ Robin MeadowsEvents6/2/2018
Windsor Knolls @ Robin MeadowsMM Starter6/24/2018

 Week 2 Starter Files Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified Date
Brunswick @ DearboughtEvents6/2/2018
Brunswick @ DearboughtMM Starter6/17/2018
Clover Hill @ Holly HillsEvents6/2/2018
Clover Hill @ Holly HillsMM Starter6/17/2018
Frederick YMCA @ Spring RidgeEvents6/2/2018
Frederick YMCA @ Spring RidgeMM Starter6/17/2018
Hood College @ Ridge (Mt Airy)Events6/2/2018
Hood College @ Ridge (Mt Airy)MM Starter6/17/2018
Lake Linganore @ Robin MeadowsEvents6/2/2018
Lake Linganore @ Robin MeadowsMM Starter6/17/2018
Whittier @ Villages of UrbanaEvents6/2/2018
Whittier @ Villages of UrbanaMM Starter6/17/2018
Windsor Knolls @ Braddock HeightsEvents6/2/2018
Windsor Knolls @ Braddock HeightsMM Starter6/17/2018

 Week 1 Starter Files Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified Date
Braddock Heights @ WhittierEvents6/2/2018
Braddock Heights @ WhittierMM Starter6/2/2018
Brunswick @ Windsor KnollsEvents6/2/2018
Brunswick @ Windsor KnollsMM Starter6/2/2018
Clover Hill @ Villages of UrbanaEvents6/2/2018
Clover Hill @ Villages of UrbanaMM Starter6/2/2018
Hood College @ Holly HillsEvents6/2/2018
Hood College @ Holly HillsMM Starter6/14/2018
Ridge (Mt Airy) @ DearboughtEvents6/2/2018
Ridge (Mt Airy) @ DearboughtMM Starter6/2/2018
Robin Meadows @ Frederick YMCAEvents6/2/2018
Robin Meadows @ Frederick YMCAMM Starter6/2/2018
Spring Ridge @ Lake LinganoreEvents6/2/2018
Spring Ridge @ Lake LinganoreMM Starter6/2/2018

 Time Trials Minimize
Your FSSL Time TrialsMM StarterMM Starter File for team "time trials"
Your FSSL Time TrialsEventsEvents File for team "time trials"

 IT Training and Resources Minimize
LLD IT GuideGoogle DocWritten by Bob Cole - lake Linganore Dolphins

 2017 End of Year Data Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateDescription
2017 FSSL League Team Manager DatabaseTM Backup7/29/2017Team Manager 6 Backup of League Data
2017 Top Times ReportPDF7/29/20172017 Top Times converted to SCM (Used for calculating All Star Qualifying Times
Final FSSL League Records (SCM) RecordREC7/29/2017.REC file for importing into TM
Final FSSL League Records (SCY) RecordsREC7/29/2017.REC file for importing into TM

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